One of our Estimators will come to your home and talk through your ideas with you. They will draw out a project diagram and take measurements so we can establish the square footage of the job, and therefore how much material will be required (Slabs). The estimate will contain an "average" price for the amount of material at choice granite quartz or marble stone within a certain pricing range.



Danny Toledo_0316 Layout.jpg
Ismar Adan_Layout.jpg

You will then head to suppliers to pick out the actual slab(s) to be used in the install.

Once you have chosen the slab(s), you give them our name as your fabricator, and they will reserve the slabs and contact us for delivery to our workshop.


Slab Warehouse PANO.jpg

An associate will come to your home to template the project. These templates are made with thin layers of wood, that we put together that allows us to work together, next step is (optional) to pick out the areas of the slab(s) that we will use for counters, islands, vanities, tabletops, etc. For which an appointment can be set for template placement on slabs. We will also discuss the sink option, backsplash options, the edge profile, and all the final details ( overhang, window sills, etc). The agreement has to be signed prior to the template date and 50% deposit of total project or material cost whichever is higher.


Customer Ready List / Items Needed at Templating

Cabinets 100% completed

Material approval and signed off

All details(edge, splash & sink) should have been finalized by now

Sink on-site 

Cooktop on site

Preparation for Install Date:

-All counter-tops need to be cleared prior to (nothing on top), have faucet onsite since holes will be drilled on-site. Also, it is advisable but not necessary, that you remove everything from the top shelve (under the counter-tops) to avoid dishes and things getting dust on.

-Appliances: If you have new appliances or will just like to prevent any accidental scratches on your appliance. Please, disconnect and remove the appliance away from the installation site. Note, this step is not required but it is recommended.


During and After the Installation Process:

-Installers need to be able to get in and out of the house, as needed. Please, have someone at the beginning and at the end of the install. In average, installers will take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to finish the job. If you need to leave the house, please ask the lead installer for an approximate finished time.

-Demolition (If any): Arizona Granite Pro will remove countertops as professional as possible. But Please, note that during the removal of previous counter-tops walls, paint, cabinets, mirrors or anything attached/glued on to the counter-top can be damage. Minor repairs due, will be at client’s expense.


-Note, if there is a pony wall on the island and the pony wall is not leveled to the cabinets, spacers will need to be added. This may leave a gap between the pony wall and the countertop. Any repair due, will be at client’s expense. Note, this may also apply if cabinets at the perimeter of the kitchen at not 100% leveled as well.


Note, installation arrival time is between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM unless stated otherwise. For accurate arrival time, please call us at (480)912-6861 on the day of install. Office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 


If the material will be purchased with a local supplier please give us a call at (480)912-6861 for Arizona Granite Pro to schedule a delivery, once the material has been purchased. Lastly, we need to schedule a template date and install date.  The template date does have to be a week before installation. Please, give us a call at (480)912-6861 to schedule.